Open a bank account

A prerequisite for the employment of employees is their own bank account. Many Ukrainians currently do not have access to their bank accounts.  

The OstseeSparkasse Rostock provides fast and uncomplicated support in opening a bank account with its own contact person.

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Welcome Center - Information about the city and region

The Welcome Centers are very familiar with the region and offer tips, contacts and information, e.g. on leisure activities, for anyone who has just moved to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

››› Information about the city and district of Rostock:

››› Information about other cities & counties in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern:

Language courses/professional recognitions/qualifications

The Employment Agency offers information on employment and training:

  • Access to language courses  
  • Recognition of foreign school and professional qualifications

Special hotline of the Federal Employment Agency (BA) for Ukrainian citizens at +49 911 1787915.

››› Help for refugees from Ukraine – Federal Employment Agency

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Insurance of employees

Employees must be compulsorily insured in Germany when they start work. There are special considerations to be taken into account in the case of foreign employees.  

The BARMER Insurance has been an active insurer of foreign labor and skilled workers for many years. They provide their know-how free of charge.

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Recognition of foreign professional qualifications

If you have acquired a professional qualification abroad, this can also be recognized in Germany. There are various contact points for this, which deal with different professions. You can find out who is responsible for recognizing your profession on the Internet at the information portal on the Recognition Act or by calling the telephone hotline on 030 1815 1111.

If you have an industrial-technical or commercial vocational qualification acquired abroad, the Rostock Chamber of Industry and Commerce will advise you free of charge. We will also help you to fill out the application for recognition of your professional qualification. You then send this with further documents (for example certificates) to the IHK FOSA in Nuremberg. This is the central office of all chambers of industry and commerce for the recognition of foreign professional qualifications, which will examine your application.

The examination costs on average around 600 euros and is in some cases covered by the employment agency. After three months at the latest, you will receive a decision from the IHK FOSA. If your qualification corresponds to the German training, your vocational qualification will be fully recognized. If this is only partially the case, you will receive a partial recognition and learn what you still have to learn so that your qualification can also be fully recognized. The IHK of Rostock will be happy to advise you on where and how you can best do this.

Further information/contact:
Industrie- und Handelskammer zu Rostock
Ernst-Barlach-Str. 1 - 3
18055 Rostock
phone: +49 381 338 510